1. It’s always fun going to shoot a band, and then they turn out to be awesome live! Looking through the photos now :)

  2. The Word Alive | Cockpit April 2014

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  3. The Bearded Bakery | March 2014

    I shot my good friend Mike the other weekend for his company, he does the greatest blog full of the most amazing goodies. The brownies he made for the shoot were delicious. Check out his blog:


    and if you have facebook, give him a like:


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  4. I’ve been a little quiet for a while as I’ve had stolen equipment, a broken macbook and a few other bumps in the road I had to overcome. But now I am fully set back up, hurray! I still have a few lenses I need to get but I am ready to go and cannot be more excited about my photography. 

    There will be lots more coming from me now and I’m also going to be updating here with recent work as I’ve been computer-less for a while now but I’m well and truly set back up!

    Photography world, I am coming for you.

  5. Heather D-Vine | 2014

  6. Mayday Parade | Cockpit Leeds 2014

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  7. Man Overboard | Cockpit Leeds 2014

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  8. Decade | The Cockpit Leeds 2014

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  9. From a shoot I did with a clothing company Thieves of Thunder! Fun day shooting with these guys, looking forward to sending on the final results! 

  10. Don Broco / Leeds Met November 2013

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